Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bogota Traffic

I couldn't resist taking
this picture with my cell
phone. I was in the passenger
seat of a car in traffic, I looked
to the right expecting to
see some bored taxi driver,
instead there was a bored
horse pulling a trash cart,
waiting for traffic to clear.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I'm just watching the finale of Rome. What an excellent
show. The best character is obviously Titus Pullo...he's
like the Forrest Gump of olden times. When Lucius Vorenus
jumped into the Arena to save Titus Pullo I almost cheered.

The writers don't use the easy out of copying shakespeare,
instead of Cesear's funeral ("I come not to praise cesear but
to bury him"), the whole story was off camera. Marc antony
just offhandedly told the story of "Brutus gave a longwinded
speech, then I gave a speech, then the riots broke out".

To add to my Romishness, I've been wasting my spare time
playing "rome total combat" ( or something like that) on my
wife's PC. I'm playing as the Julii and I've conquered all of
Europe to Byzantium, but now the grind is so slow going
around through the middle east and africa that my wife will
probably cut me off before I conquer the world. oh well.

Well, rome is over, hopefully they'll come back with the next