Friday, January 25, 2008

Something on the wind

Kind of a sucky day at work. I was never good at politics and it
looks like I muffed one badly, I'll probably be back not so far from I-10
sooner rather than later. Oh well. I do get to go help out on a project
in trinidad...over carnivale. Which should be better than a poke in the
eye with a sharp stick (I've poked myself in the eye with a sharp stick,
so I know).

Since it's a week before carnival there are no flights, so we'll be on a flying
tour of all the best places in the next week to make connecting flights, miami,
curacao, barbados and trinidad. The most useful stop will be in miami, I can
buy some powerball tickets, which is plan P, and plan P is the plan most likely
to save me from working until I'm 72.

It'll be great if things work out, but I'm not hopefull. I need a moodring Ipod
that can cue up blues song after blues song...."ya done fucked up your job....
after workin' away your your dringin' cheap whiskey, cause
40 ounce beers are so uncouth... " or you get the idea.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Oliver Stone is an idiot

This past week in Colombia there was some drama as the
dhead from Venezuela Chavez helped broker a deal with los
FARC, who are the antigovernment guerrillas (read: narco trafficking,
kidnapping, criminal thugs.) Chavez arranged through diplomacy
(or because he has los FARC on his speed dial) a deal that would release
three longtime hostages for the holidays, two politicians and a 4 year old
boy who is the son of one of them and a FARC guerrilla.

Oliver stone came down from his mountaintop to film the release
as part of a documentary that I'm sure will slander the US, but he
didn't get to film anything since no hostage release occurred. The
FARC blames the colombian military. Chavez blames president
Urribe. Oliver stone blames the USA.

Oliver Stone, the maverick Hollywood director, has returned from the jungles of Colombia to launch a scathing attack on America's 'secret war' in the country and blame US President George Bush for the failure of an international mission to free hostages held by armed rebels.


Stone also spoke out in defence of Chavez, whom he called 'an honest man, a strong man and a soldier', and condemned the United States for treating Latin America like a backyard to 'throw trash, piss, do whatever the hell they want'.

The reality appears to be that the FARC hasn't had the boy for
several years, he was dropped off at the Bienestar Familiar (family
wellbeing) center several years ago as an orphan and is in a foster home.
The interesting thing is that apparently someone claiming to be his uncle
was racing around town last week trying to pickup the boy after leaving
him several years ago. The BF wouldn't turn the boy over to this "uncle",
and now genetic testing proves the boy is the son of the kidnapped woman.

The FARC was playing Chavez and the Colombian government the whole
time, and asshat Oliver Stone is eating it up with a spoon. Stone would rather
believe the worst about whatever group is supported by the US, instead of
seeing los FARC for what they are, drug dealing thugs.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Iphone unlock blues

My lovely wife gave me an iphone for christmas in the hope that
we can hack into it and use on the cellphone network here colombia.
It almost worked, I spent 10 hours or so searching and researching
and I found the best set of instructions at Iclarified.

The instructions were good enough to get my phone jailbroken in
about 2 hours, not including the time that I kept searching the interwebs
for the last piece of the puzzle, how do I unlock the sim card in a new
iphone with the new bootloader 4.6?
(it was interesting that last week I couldn't understand what all
the iphone bulletin boards were saying, unlock, jailbreak, 1.1.2,
bootloader, now I feel ready to do open heart surgery on my cell

It appears that I can't. not yet. unless I buy all the equipment to edit
a simcard, it doesn't look like it will happen until the next version of
iphone software comes out. or maybe never. That's really a shame, because
the iphone without a phone is almost worth the money, I can surf the net
on wifi, zoom around on google earth, and apparently there are a lot
of games to download. The camera is almost as good as my previous
digital camera, and typing is a breeze compared with keying in "wassup"
on my cell phone.

If this thing worked as a phone I'd happy with it, the high cost would be
worth it as I zoom around through playlists and contact information.
Unfortunately, not yet, I'm stuck carrying my old ipod and my crappy
phone. Come on Steve Jobs, set my cell phone free.