Friday, January 25, 2008

Something on the wind

Kind of a sucky day at work. I was never good at politics and it
looks like I muffed one badly, I'll probably be back not so far from I-10
sooner rather than later. Oh well. I do get to go help out on a project
in trinidad...over carnivale. Which should be better than a poke in the
eye with a sharp stick (I've poked myself in the eye with a sharp stick,
so I know).

Since it's a week before carnival there are no flights, so we'll be on a flying
tour of all the best places in the next week to make connecting flights, miami,
curacao, barbados and trinidad. The most useful stop will be in miami, I can
buy some powerball tickets, which is plan P, and plan P is the plan most likely
to save me from working until I'm 72.

It'll be great if things work out, but I'm not hopefull. I need a moodring Ipod
that can cue up blues song after blues song...."ya done fucked up your job....
after workin' away your your dringin' cheap whiskey, cause
40 ounce beers are so uncouth... " or you get the idea.

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