Sunday, February 03, 2008

offshore blues

so I'm stuck offshore again. I can see that the only way I can avoid working
offshore until I'm 72 is to find a job in another industry or win the lottery or run
a titty bar somewhere in south louisiana.

The problem I have in the oilfield now is I feel like I'm selling my life, bit by bit,
day by day for money. 'Here's your money in exchange for spending a day away
from home and family, see you tomorrow when I take another day out of your life',
said the devil laughing as he turned to walk away.

the oilfield is like a machine, because so much money is spent on the rig and equipment,
it's no problem to pay to keep you prisoner on the rig until they need you. Everything
and everyone has to be early to avoid the rig sitting and waiting while equipment and people
arrive. I understand the economics perfectly, I am just weary of it.

There's really not much one can do about it at this point, we are all the sum of all the
decisions ever made, so that if I had saved more in the 90's and lost less in the dot com
crash I'd have fuck you money to walk away. I really don't have that, so I'm offshore feeling
sorry for myself while roustabouts pressure wash the windows in front of me, sort of a tracks of
my tears with high pressure water blasting the bulkhead in front of me.

It could be worse, I could be on the other side of the bulkhead running the pressure washer,
instead of sitting in air conditioning writing on a I'll stop whining for a while, things
usually turn out for the best.

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