Friday, February 22, 2008

Obama could be much tougher than bush

I read over on Micheal Totten's blog that Obama's father was a muslim and that
supposedly makes obama a muslim too.

Since Obama will probably be seen as an apostate of islam he'll probably turn out to be much tougher than bush on the islamofacists. I'm guessing that if he gets elected some radical mullah will quickly declare that obama has to be killed because he has left his father's religion and is apostate...and the penalty is death.
(or is it chocolate cake?)

After the first couple of attempts on his life, Obama will get the message. You don't negotiate with crazy people. Or maybe just Obama telling the islamofacists a cool pickup line will turn them all into obamamaniacs ("yeah baby, you're the one you've been waiting for" said obama as ahmadinijads beard began to quiver with nervous anticipation. Queue the saxaphone music.)

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