Sunday, March 02, 2008

Chavez es un hijo de puta

Chavez is talking
about war with
colombia after
the colombian
air force blew up
one of Chavez's
FARC buddies;
Raoul Reyes.

I have a lot of
venezuelen friends,
so I hope that
chavez understands
that war with
colombia would mean war with the US. I think we'd see the
difference between the airforce trying to project power into
the middle east and B-52's within 2 or 3 flight hours range from
barkesdale AFB.

Chavez has pulled out his ambassador and is talking about
closing the border, the 7pm news shows traffic still flowing at
the border crossing in Arauca. Chavez threatened war saying that
if Colombia attacked las farc across the venezuelen border like
they did to kill Reyes across the ecuadoran border there would
be war. The news here is taking that like Chavez is on the side
of los FARC and there is a real risk of war.


vicenteaurelio said...

me cago en los americanos hijos de puta ..partia de maricones americanos de mierda, ladrones, violadores, asesinos,parasitos de la tierra, gotdos y cerdos, despilfarradores, gandules avariciosos, destructores del planeta....que jugais a vivir de los demas.......

vicenteaurelio said...

que estais en guerra contra Colombia para que los precios de la coca no suban como el petroleo en Iraq....asesinos

Joe said...

I'm sure you're living in a treehouse built with only natural materials freely given by the planet. whatever stupid country you live in, I'm guessing spain, has probably killed a lot more innocent people than the USA has.

The USA is here in colombia at the request of the elected government, if the colombian people want the us military out of here, they just have to elect someone that will ask them to go.

get off your chinese built computer, disconnect from the USA invented internet, go outside of your cemex built house and look at reality.

oh yeah, fuck you too

Anonymous said...

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