Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Melonhead speaks

I'm watching a press conference with melonhead from venezuela
and Correa from Ecuador. I can barely stand to watch them speak,
it's like correa esta chupando el pene de chavez. It's supposed to be
a press conference, but the press is just sitting there watching melonhead
jabber his jaws.

Chavez is telling a story about how colombian army and police captured
some farc guy in venezuela, Correa doesn't know how to make his face look,
he can't decide if he should smile or look worried. He's out of his depth.

Something worrying is that chavez is now saying that he captured 300
paramilitaries in caracas, I didn't understand exactly when, but he could
easily take something like that as a reason for war. In the general fiction
of Chavez, Urribe is controlling the paramilitaries.

They've tagged again and Correa is telling a different story about when
a different Colombian patrol was in ecuador. Chavez says, "Rafael called
me and said you have better contacts with the farc, why don't you tell
them to attack this patrol"....they are betrayed by their own words,
Chavez is a friend of the farc, the farc is a bunch of murdering bastards,
ergo, chavez is a murdering bastard too.

My preference would be that president bush would fly a squadron of F-15's
down to Bogota, that would cool things down. I imagine that the US
is watching events and hoping Chavez is stupid enough to attack. The
air force will mop the floors with the Venezuelan Air force, and they
can drop a bomb on chavez while they are flying by caracas.

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