Sunday, March 16, 2008

Paz sin fronteras

Today in colombia is the
Peace without frontiers concert
taking place up in cucata (sp?)
on the bridge that connects
colombia and venezuela.

They are simulcasting the concert
here in bogota on big plasma screens
in different locations, one is
a few blocks from the house
at park 93. We were just taking
the dog for a walk when we
heard music and walked over
to see what was happening.

The park was just filling up when
we got there and we watched a
few minutes, but the dog wanted
to go home. She used her mental
superpower to force us to leave and take her back to her bed.

It looked like a good concert but I'm still not sold on saying "quiero
la paz" or "paz sin fronteras". I think that saying you want peace tends
to make bullies think you are a target, whether those bullies are
los farc, chavez or osama bin laden. I think it's better to say "I want
to live in peace after all those who wish me harm are dead, in prison or
have decided to change their ways "

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