Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's carnival time

I managed to get off the rig for a couple of days and it just happens
to be carnival time here in trinidad. I went to the parade yesterday,
and it wasn't too impressive float-wise, but as far as girls popping their
coochie like in a rap video, they've got new orleans beat.

I haven't made it out there yet today, I feel like I was shot at and missed,
shit at and hit after just having 6 beers yesterday. The beers here have a
high foreign object floating content, god only knows what I was poisoned with

Here's a cellphone shot looking down the street towards just before the
parade turns towards the reviewing stands. much of the parade is just
different groups walking, dancing and drinking down the street. much less
formal than new orleans, but it looks like the better way to do carnival,
rather than spectate.

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