Thursday, April 26, 2007


The power is out here in colombia around the country. In our
building we're on a generator, so I didn't notice. It went
down while I was giving a presentation, and the audience included
the client's CEO. Maybe the power outage was an attempt by god
to give me an escape route..."sorry, no powerpoint without
power, hehehe."

Unfortunately the almighty's help was stopped by a good UPS
and the building generator, the lights didn't even blip and I
swallowed the biley taste and gave a half-hearted presentation.
Nice try god, but next time smite the projector.

I hope the power comes on soon, there's no reason for it to come
on. Maybe the guerillas blew up a pylon, or 200. Who knows.
Here we're dependant on the government and the only thing we have to drink
in the house is wine, rum and whiskey. No bottled water to speak

In the states it's stupid to depend on the government. Here
I'm criminally negligent. In New orleans people complained about
no help after 3 days, here in colombia the rats will be playing
peanuckle with my finger bones long before government help would
arrive after a katrina sized disaster.

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