Sunday, July 08, 2007

Protests in Bogota - Quiero la paz

There were protests in Bogota last thursday
against los FARC, triggered by los FARC
murdering 11 politicians who were hostages
for the past 5 years. I took this picture with
the cameraphone, I was trying to show the
people streaming out of the offices down
to Septima, and the toilet paper and confetti
that was streaming out of the higher floors
of the buildings.

Everyone was in white shirts and waving
white rags or flags to show los FARC that
the people want peace and no more hostage
taking. [ I wish they had chosen Colombian
flags instead, waving little white flags made
it look like the whole country was surrendering.]

It was a good effort, but I don't think protests
like this will impress los FARC. People that
can kill hostages in cold blood that they've kept for 5 years have no humanity
left to be impressed with.

It's interesting that the press in Colombia didn't even dispute the story
when it came out, los FARC is claiming that the hostages were killed
in a cross fire with Army troops. Since it's pretty obvious that 11 people
kept in seperate cells don't get killed at the same time due to crossfire
the official story is easy to believe. I'm sure in the US the press would have
immediately believed los FARC instead.

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