Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Cider house rules

The NYtimes has an article whining about the teriffic apple
crop in new york that maybe won't be picked because the
illegals that have been picking it are being caught in raids,
and the poor farmers have to verify that their employees are
in the country legally. They then mention that most pickers
begin picking fruit in the south, then move north.

This struck me as being exactly as described in the "cider house
rules", except in that book all the pickers were black. Maybe this
is a chance to wind back the clock and hire americans instead of

The price of fruit might go up, but I'd bet it wouldn't be
much. If you double the wages of someone working two days in
a farm, the worker makes twice as much but the farmer is only paying
double the amount of a few percentage points of his total cost.

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