Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hail to bogota

It's pissing hail here again in bogota. It's not the same little graniso
like the past few times that could pass for sleet, this is thunderstorm
type hail that's dime-sized and hits the roof of the patio with a steady
plink, plank plunk noise. Unfortunately, our apartment has a glassed
in patio and several skylights that make the apartment very light and
warm when the weather is nice, but during a hail-storm sound like we're
living in the apartment below neal pert.

It's weird that in a city where it rains so much and has occasional severe
storms there seems to be no weather radar. I guess knowing that between
October and march it rains every day is a good enough weather forecast
and it's more important to have a 20 minute gossip section on the news
followed by the bikini model of the day.

Update the next day: other parts of the city saw much worse graniso, the
scenes from the news and from what my wife saw showed it covering the
ground to a few inches, and low spots filled up to several feet.

The worst was at the avenida 26 underpass where the drains were blocked
so the street filled up with 2-3 meters of graniso and water. Here's how it
looked in El tiempo.

So I was lucky the worst part fell several miles to the south and my wife was smart
enough to get off the road and go visit a friend until it stopped.

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Sharon said...

Wow, Joe, be safe. That hail would freak me out.