Friday, March 09, 2012

Still bummed out

I'm too busy lately to just surf around the blogosphere, and
my bookmarks got nuked in a harddrive crash last year so
I mostly read just a few on my bloglinks, Instapundit, Jerry Pournelle and
Neptunus Lex being the most common.

Out of force of habit I clicked over to Neptunus Lex and it hit
me again. What a sad week.

He was nice enough to respond to an email I sent:

On Nov 04, 2011, at 04:12 PM, Joe wrote:

Hey Lex,

I'm sure you're going to convert all of these notes into a book, but what I really can't wait for is the movie. It will be easy to sell, the tagline could be "Top Gun meets The Rookie". Dennis Quaid would be the obvious guy to play the main character, with love interests, dogfights in prop planes, high speed motorcycle rides down the coast ('sweet home alabama' playing in the background), jet aircraft screaming off the runway.

anyway, keep up the great writing,



to me
Dennis Quaid? My wife would love it!



From his blog back in 2003:


"Finally you are moored, the colors are shifted from the main mast to the after staff, the brow is lowered to the quarterdeck and permissions are piped to go ashore. First , the new fathers, those Sailors whose wives have given birth while they were at sea. Then the rest of us, in order of seniority. You go ashore, find your family, and experience the most exquisite sensation of sweetness that God has given man to ever know. It is unalloyed bliss.

At that moment, everything you have experienced is almost worth it. The moment will not last forever, but it is enough."

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