Friday, November 21, 2014

Immigrant song

I watched the president give his talk on legalizing 5 million illegal aliens.
This is a repeat of the 80's, legalize a bunch of people that are here illegally
and that incentivizes another 5 million people to head this way.   The laws in
the 80's were supposed to be the final answer, no more people would come into
country, and Reagan and Bush gave a couple of executive orders that added
a few more million people, but that was supposed to be it.

These current executive orders are wrong for two reasons:  Constitutionally
because it's not expanding on a law previously passed, like Reagan and Bush did
to legalize the families legalized in the law of 1986, It's creating new agencies, employees and workflows.  Operationally it's wrong because we're repeating the same mistake again, legalizing everyone that is here without closing the border first.

It's a done deal at this point, and pretty much irreversible.  if they try and deport
someone in two years the news will be full of reports of boo hoo stories, deporting
children.  Pretty depressing really,  Romney's 47% is inching ever closer to 51%,
and that will be that.

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