Sunday, May 06, 2007


We had an earthquake here last night, it wasn't really
that bad but it scared the heck out of me. It started
with a poltergeist shaking of the bed, then built up gradually
over about 20 seconds until the curtains were moving, water
sloshing in the toilet bowl and the door was shaking on it's
hinges. By the time it reached that point I was up and pulling
my jeans on and looking for my wallet, then it stopped

It was scary because it seemed to be building in intensity,
and if it got worse I doubt we could make it to the
ground floor before all the buildings started to fall.
We're in a 30 year old building, so hopefully it's been
tested by previous earthquakes, and not just structurally
weakened over time.

El tiempo said it was a 6.0 but there was no damage or
injuries, so it must have been centered out in the sticks
somewhere. They said it was only felt in the taller buildings,
so if we felt it on the 5th floor, people in 25 story towers
must have been really rockin'.

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Sharon said...

Be safe!