Monday, May 21, 2007

Star Wars 30th anniversary

Today is the 30th anniversary of the first star wars movie.
I remember standing in a line that wrapped around Lakeside
cinema in Metairie, and we got into the theater just as the storm
troopers were blasting into the rebel ship, and from those first
few laser blasts I was mesmorized.

Adulthood never demesmerized me, the only thing that could
shake me from liking star wars was the crappy ideas in the last
3 movies. With Jar Jar and miticlorians George lucas managed
to kill off the franchise for me, by the time the last movie came
out I watched it just to see how Anakin would get barbecued
into vader.

Hopefully soon someone will remake the movies in chronological
order for adults, and edit out the crappier notions and use all the
current special effects so that the first movie doesn't look so
clunky. I'd remake it with the focus more on Darth Vader and use
ideas like the Darth Blog, or at least make the story more consistent,
not switch from the force being a mysterious field that surrounds
us to something generated by parasites in our blood.

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