Saturday, October 27, 2007

El que tiene mucho, porque tiene mucho?

I'm becoming a soap opera addict here, we only get one
US network channel (cbs), the only channels we get with
non-crap programming in english are Sony and Universal.
After watching House and 2 1/2 men reruns, the only thing left
are the novelas "nuevo rico, nuevo pobre" and "monte christo"

I'm stuck watching Nuevo rico, just to find out what happens
to the lead idiot on the show, Brian. Who started out poor, now
is rich and will probably end up poor again by the end of the show.

Monte Christo I couldn't bring myself to watch, wasting two hours
per night on soap operas isn't a good idea, instead I picked up the
book 'Count of Monte Christo', that sat at my parents house for 15
years and now has traveled with us for the past 7 years.

The book was even better than I remembered, better than the movie
that came out a couple of years ago and certainly better than the novela
version that I'm avoiding to watch. It's interesting that I read it when I was
18 in high school and I clearly emphasized with the young edmond dantes, and
I thought the characters after the passage of 24 years were impossibly old.
(42 years old, that's nearly dead!) Even the shipowner Mr. Morrel was 34 yrs
old when the book started...he seemed ancient.

Now I think, holy heck he was the richest man in Marseille and he was only
34! I'm a freaking loser. All these years have passed and I didn't even spend
any time in Chateau d'if, unless you count 15 years offshore as sort of moving
french prisons. Now I just need a monk in the adjoining cell to tell me where
his 401k is hidden.

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