Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rainy taxes

It's that time of year again, after a couple of extensions I finally
have to try and figure out my taxes. Instead of a nice relaxing day
watching football and drinking beer with my faithful dog at my side,
I'm trying to remember what happened last year while hunting for
documents on the web. Most of the paper records are sitting in a
green trash bag at my parents house, or at the picayune city dump.

Note to self: keep better records next year.

My efforts aren't being helped by the steady rain that just increased
to hail, what they call here in spanish "graniso", but's probably closer
to sleet in size. Our study has a sky light with a small air gap that is precisely
designed to allow all the hail that hits the roof to bounce under the skylight
and into the study. My faithful dog is cowering in the corner while the
hail and w-2's bounce around me.
[insert cowardly dog photo here]

Oh, well, what's the worse that the irs can do to me, i'm sure they're all
bark with no bite.

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