Friday, May 16, 2008

Crazy Atoms

One of the advantages of shifting back into fucked up career mode
is that I have more time to read weblogs. Since lately I'm spending
a lot more time waiting while a slow-ass scroll bar inches across the
screen, rather than proactively functionalizing a team enhancing
flowchart, I can surf around the web and read whatever crap that
doesn't flash up a nsfw picture.

One of the funniest is MadAtoms, which appears to be made up of
struggling actors and writers, and almost every post can cause a
cappuchino out the nose moment. [best post: I Would Do Anything for Love
…But No Way In Hell Can I Do That

Another good weblog that is pretty much nsfw is hobo-stripper.
When I was single I spent almost all my money on strippers, the rest
I wasted. So a weblog about a stripper/hobo/goddess is always interesting to me.

I found and lost a website where an artist is drawing cartoons describing peoples
dreams that readers submit. I spent several moments googling it, and I can't find it
so now I'm wondering if I dreamt it. I wasted an hour earlier in the week while I down
loaded some software reading a couple of years of comics drawn based on peoples
dreams, and it was fantastically accurate. All the dreams I've had this trip are
too weird to post in public, so I think I won't send any of my dreams when I find that
link again.

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