Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Goodbye Lima

We're in Lima to continue the handover with the
guy that's replacing me in my current job. We came
a day early to try and do some tourist stuff, but to go
and see machu pichu really takes at least 3 days which means
we'll have to be satisfied with seeing it on the national geographic

We did go see the magic fountain park here which is pretty nice.
It would be more fun if it was hot, but the weather here is pretty
cold due to the humboldt current coming up from antartica, so it is
cold like New Orleans is in the winter, humid and cold. That feels a lot
worse than the dryer cold you feel in Bogota, and it is certainly too
cold to frolic in fountains.

The main fountains are pretty nice, one is the tallest in the world
apparently, and they do dancing air powered fountains like the bellagio
in vegas. The different thing they do is a light show with lasers and
a projection on the mist from the fountains that is pretty cool.

We could do that at the office, show up with a mist machine and a projector
at the client's office and project emotional presentations about drilling
on the mist. Give them a quick "sorry about the mess" and scoot out with
an emotion driven sale.

We're staying on the coast in Miraflores
which has some nice views. The people at
the Marriott were super nice after we moved
here from Los Delfines. (supposedly a nice
hotel but really just expensive with dolphins.
they gave us a crappy smelly room, then when
we tried to leave early they wanted to charge us
half a day.) Here's some negative googlejuice:
Los Delfines Lima suck, los delfines Lima suck.

View from
the Marriott
looking down the
coast to the

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