Thursday, June 05, 2008

Haditha was an Al queda operation

One of the few things I've accomplished with this blog, apart from
keeping notes on what's going on in my life, was when I pointed out
a photo
on the London Times was smearing the Marines involved in
the Haditha incident, a photo which showed a row of dead people executed
by insurgents was included in a story about the Haditha Marines implying
that the civilians killed were executed against a wall. Since that was the
one time my readership spiked above one (Hi Bro!), I've followed the Haditha
story closely.

Allah now links to a story that supports even better the Marines' version
of events, the Haditha attack was planned by AQ to take place from amongst
civilians. Then a followup disinformation campaign by the insurgents that
was accepted by the gullible press changed this incident from unfortunate
collateral damage that occured while the Marines assaulted a house to a massacre.

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