Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great rant from Victor Davis Hanson

VDH has a great rant from a battered american, much more eloquent than I
could ever be:

“I’m sorry Mr. President, but we are just not dictatorial in the Middle East. You said the Saudis, not America, showed courage over there. But, Mr. President, the Saudis, they live under Sharia law! And my God!—they once engineered crippling oil boycotts against our nation. And wasn’t it they who produced 15 of the 19 killers on 9/11? So no, Mr. President, those Saudis—they simply are not courageous. Now Mr. Biden, there is no reason to set the reset button on foreign policy, as you promised all those Europeans. None at all. Tell that resetting stuff instead to Ahmadinejad, Chavez, that Korean nut, Putin, and all the other thugs who kill and cause misery, but not to our America that saves and feeds and helps. Mrs. Clinton, it’s now your turn. We are not impulsive as you told the world. So you can stop apologizing for America’s recent behavior—unless you think the world would be a better place with the Taliban, and Saddam and his two boys in power. Or maybe Europe should have Schroeder and Chirac back, or Libya with nuclear weapons, or Khalid Sheik Mohammed freed from Guantanamo. Or maybe America shouldn’t have given that $15 billion for AIDs relief in Africa, or helped with earthquakes in Pakistan and tsunamis in Indonesia. Now all that was sorta impulsive.”

And he continues on to domestic affairs. I agree completely with what he says and I've
even popped off several times over here when I can't take the abuse silently anymore.
American hating euros have no sense of history and no sense decency or honor. All
the things that the usa did for europe in the 20th century was money and time wasted.

I get even angrier thinking about mortgages being bailed out for idiots that bought too
much house. We've always bought smaller houses then we could afford, bought camrys
instead of lexus' to try and save money for the future. Now Obama is rescuing the idiots
and inflating the economy to destroy anyone that saved any money. the better use for
money was going to casinos and gambling, same risk as the market, but at least I got
free drinks.

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