Friday, February 20, 2009

stuck at the airport

I'm in bucharest airport and my lufthansa flight is delayed 2 hours, which of course
means that I'll miss my connection in munich and I'll arrive at home at midnight instead
of 5 pm. The snotty girl at the counter wouldn't help, it wasn't as if there was a line anymore,
I saw the line form and walked immediately down to the windjet counter, the little discount
airline that boards using knotted ropes from downstairs. They couldn't help, their flight
to forli was about to board and there was no way to go back through immigration and then
back out to the gate in time, but they were polite about it.

Lufthansa wasn't, so instead of just sitting and steaming about it I bought wireless access
and sent a feedback email to them. Ha! truth to power! I've already gotten an automated
response, but I'm mildly worried that some LFT bigwig will call down and rain crap on the snotty
girl while I'm still here. I like high tech, feeding back instantly and blogging about it in real-time,
but crap, I should have waited to get to the other side of the tin curtain.

Oh well, if I get selected for extra 'security screening' I'll show them my lft feedback email.

This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a fierce hangover. I went to dinner with coworkers
to 'la isoletta', a really good italian restaurant. then to mix with the wine I had about 6 beers
at the hotel bar, chatting with eurotrash. (am I still white trash, or does white trash become eurotrash in europe?) red wine and ursus beer don't mix too well, and now my eyes look like two pissholes in the snow and I'd pay $20 for aspirin if they sold it in this godforsaken airport.

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