Tuesday, March 24, 2009


From the Oil Drum, the acronym LEARN:

Localize food and energy production
Educate yourself and others
Adapt to a limited solar electric future
Ration all fossil fuels
Negative population growth

It's not certain that things will get bad as this acronym would indicate,
but if china does change the reserve currency to a non-dollar currency while
production declines not necessarily due to peak oil but because the only people
with money for exploration are the chinese, the saudis and exxon, the dollar
price of oil could skyrocket. Most of the oil produced in the usa will be exported
to earn yuan, or euros or whatever, while the average Joe's in the usa will have
to make do with the leavings.

A plan B instead of oil would be a good idea. Putting pv panels on everything possible and
building plug in hybrid cars with pv panels will be one way to continue a near
american lifestyle. The big bailouts and tax credits should be focused on getting
people to make things and stop buying chinese crap. One good thing to make would
be pv panels, batteries, racks, charge controllers and inverters.

Since that won't happen, if you live in an area that gets an average of at least 4 hours
of sunlight
per day, then start cutting back, insulating and then installing solar

[in italy they don't have enough electricity so they ration power, if we turn on the
washer and dryer and tv at the same time, the breaker on the meter trips. It
would be pretty cool if I had some pv panels to keep that from happening at noon.]

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