Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Back to bucharest

I'm on my way to romania this week and I'm on wifi in prague
waiting patiently for my czech airlines flight. It's a pretty nice airport here, with
wifi for 12 euros for 3 hours and most importantly abundant power points, nearly
one on every column. I'm busily catching up on all the news I missed last week
when we went to morocco for several days in rabat and a day in marrakech.
[some girls on roller blades just passed down the concorse, the only way to get
around in this massive airport]

The news is the same, obama is a twit, swine flu is everywhere but nowhere
(they are still counting cases in 10s and 20s and deaths in ones or twos
thank goodness) if it was going to get really bad I'd expect cases to be nearly
uncountable by this point, maybe we dodged a bullet. The press is still crowing
what a fantastic job obama is doing, one idiot in the times herald is saying that
obama's mellow foreign policy is working. I guess someone never paid attention
to the way the islamofacists think; strong horse or weak horse. there is no mellow
horse option.

I was reading the voice in my head (very circular blog name, tvimh says
"weatherstripping!") and one jerkwad commenter complained about insults
to the one's basketball skillz and presidential skillz by commenter chicago:

you do the fucking job then chicago. how about everyone who didn't run for president and get elected shut the fuck up. if you can do it better or have any tips that won't make you look like a sore asshole, please feel free to run for government office or at least post your ideas - america is waiting.
here are my ideas:
- lower taxes especially on businesses that hire people in the usa
- make it easier to start businesses, less regulation
- fasttrack the construction of100 nuclear power plants
- import tax on oil to keep the price above $50/bbl
- import tax on natural gas to keep the price above $3/MM ft3

back to travel blogging...
It's kind of sucky that I'll probably have to go to the rig for a few days. I've gained
enough weight this year eating pizza, gnocchi and piadina that the one pair of coveralls
i could find barely fit, they fit more like a 5 pounds of shit in a 3 pound bag kind of fit

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