Thursday, May 28, 2009

North Korean Nukes

I was just reading the always great 'Atlas Shrugs' blog, when the juxtaposition
of korean nukes and color photos of hitler hit me.

It's good that we live in a modern world where dictators post their plans
on their website. Before world war 2, if you wanted to know hitler's plans
you had to listen to his speeches, and even though I don't speak german, they
don't sound like pleasant speeches to listen to.

Now North Korea has litoff a working nuke, and it is easy to see what they want
by reading their website. Just go their webpage and click on the "reunification"

Only few people in the world know that Korea is divided by a big concrete wall in the Parallel 38 that was built by the United States of America when the Korean War finished.This wall is hundreds of times bigger than the one that existed in Germany and is separating the Korean families, brothers, parents... the nation is divided because the U.S.A. is dominating the southern part and keeps an army of more than 40.000 soldiers to avoid the union of the Korean people.

reunification korea

Korea is an independent and sovereign state, but the South is still controlled by the imperialist interests and the U.S. troops .If any South Korean citizen tries to visit North Korea crossing the big concrete wall, he'll be killed by the american soldiers. The 'Security Law' in South Korea forbides to any South Korean citizen to talk or read about the North or else he'll be punished with jail or even death penalty.

'To unify the divided country in this moment is the supreme national task of all the Korean people, and we cannot wait just one moment to achieve it'
In hitler's speech I linked above he doesn't specifically say he'll conquer
europe and kill all the jews, but he does say he'll bring all 10 million germans
back into the country, and for foreign countries not to worry about what
happens to german nationals within germany. Ok, so he wasn't so explicit
as NK is today, but I'm sure if hitler had had a webpage he would have had
some killer links.

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