Monday, June 01, 2009

Chinese tea party

One thing the tea parties have missed is the analogy with the
original tea party, the throwing off of boats of imported stuff that
provides funding for the government.

The quickest way to cut spending may be to stop importing chinese crap. They'll stop buying treasuries and we'll stop spending. At that point there will have to be an adult conversation
in the usa about how much we have to spend and how much we
we'll have to cut from budgets.

Sort of the Dave Ramsey cut up the credit cards and go on rice & beans,
beans & rice type of moment.

Even if I don't know if I want to bankrupt the government to make spending
stop, it seems like a good idea to stop buying chinese crap just based on this
review of a book "Poorly made in china".

Midler identifies the features of China’s production environment that make a joke of all the free-trade slogans. There is, for example, “quality fade.” You cut a deal with a Chinese manufacturer to import beauty lotions in plastic bottles. You give precise specifications for the product and container. The first shipments are fine. Then customers begin to complain that the plastic of the bottles is too thin. You squeeze a bottle, it collapses. It turns out that your manufacturer has quietly adjusted the molds so that less plastic goes into making each bottle. Neither the importer nor his customers has been told of the change.

Not to mention exporting jobs and manufacturing ability of the country.
There are lots of reasons to board the ships and throw the containers of chinese
crap into the harbor. The chinese government won't let obama say "buy american",
so one of the things the tea party protests should do is buy american.

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