Sunday, June 14, 2009


I added some new links to the blogroll for blogs that I've been
reading lately, the first being the Ancient and Noble order of the
Gormogons. I don't know much about poland-lithuania, but I definitely
agree that val kilmer rocked in Tombstone, possibly making him the
hidden imam spoken of in scripture. ("a huckleberry shall rise up in
the west, and do a good job with The doors, but he shall do a poor job
of the Saint")

This morning they are talking about Hubris. Specifically that AGW
scientists are talking about geoengineering to solve the global warming
problem Re: Hubris This is true hubris to think we've
spent hundreds of years creating a problem, so we'll just make some adjustments
to old planet earth and that will fix it. I don't think we understand the earth's
atmosphere and oceans well enough to go mucking around with anything.

I'm much more worried by global cooling then by global warming. I think
that if its very hot, then it must be sunny and we can use PV panels to run some
air conditioning. I can't picture a hot cloudy climate. (venus?)

If some scientists go mucking around with the earth when they don't really
know if it is cooling or warming and they do something that will make the planet
cooler we could all be screwed, huddling in the dark and cold.

I was googling around for the source of the quote "you shall be as gods" (doh! genesis)
and I found an article on a mural at MIT.

The left panel on the south wall conveys the thought that chemistry has given mankind almost unlimited power and raised the question: shall the power be used to build up or demolish civilization?

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The Czar of Muscovy said...

The Gormogons think you rock. On a massive scale.

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The Czar of Muscovy