Saturday, May 22, 2010

airport bloggin

Picture looking from
St sophia's to the
other monastery
at the end of the

I'm at munich airport flying back home from Ukraine. Yesterday was a pretty
long day, took a train to Poltava and back in the evening. Everyone else went out
again for a last 4 hours on the town before a 6 am flight, but I p'd out and crawled
into bed for 4 hours of deeply needed sleep.

I just encountered my first really inefficient germans, while struggling through
security before coming through immigration. The security setup was running
like a well oiled barrel of monkeys with a football; taking 1/2 hour to get 1o people
through. Anyone with a close connection was screwed right there. I felt like
yelling 'what kind of germans are you?', but probably not a good idea.

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