Friday, May 07, 2010

Tom Clancy at it again

One of the first things I thought of on 9/11 after hearing that
the planes were crashed by terrorists was that those guys copied
the idea from Tom Clancy. Yesterday when the markets went tits
up, and it was explained a fat finger followed by program trading
it seemed like maybe someone else read "Debt of Honor"

"Even as the military mission begins, the cabal engineers the collapse of the American stock market by exploiting flaws in the program trading systems at major brokerages, and then deletes all trade records. With a massive economic crisis, and panic and chaos in America's homeland, it is hoped that America will be too distracted to quickly respond to military adventures."

Maybe the taliban has a trading desk and sold a billion shares of PG causing the
crash. I suggest that americans stay alert. If your broker recently spent 5 months in
Pakistan. has a 'death to the american satan' poster (or at least a serious knee injury
to the great satan poster) and fat fingers, then be alert.

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