Saturday, July 24, 2010

2012 - Spoilers

[Spoilers ahead, don't read if you haven't seen the movie]

I watched 2012 last night in HD and the movie did have some
fantastic effects, sort of like a giant chase scene with the Earth
in the pursuit role. I thought the plot was similar to deep impact
and day after tomorrow, but the actions of the government officials
were dumber and more venal.

If the big risk is giant tsunamis, and the solution is to build giant Arks
on mountains, why outsource building of ships in the mountains of Tibet
to the chinses? why would the chinese take our money, build the ships
and then not say "screw off" when the disaster happens. And charging
people 1Billion euros for a ticket seems pretty bs too, if I had several billion
dollars I could build a pretty kick-ass submarine for me and my friends
(ok, it could be a pretty small submarine).

But on the gripping hand, our normal government officials are pretty dumb
and pretty venal, and if there is some looming disaster that they know about
and we don't, we're pretty screwed. The government is just stupid enough
to fill the Arks with a bunch of 70 year old politicians and just male soldiers.
So I guess the movie was a true representation of what is likely. Doh.

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