Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blues under the tuscan sun

I made the last night
of the Pistoia blues festival yesterday
and i finally got to see Robert Cray live.
A really exelllent show, 5 hours of non-stop
blues. Robert Cray and Jimmy Vauhan both
got a little more than an hour, and
Bob put on a show that demonstrated
why he had top billing.

The Italian blues singers were excellent
too, singing in perfect southern
bluesy english, then speaking in italian
sounded pretty weired. Frencesco
Piu was the best blues singer, just one
man with an acoustic guitar, but he only
had 3 songs.

oh well, back to emilia romagna.

Updated back home, added pictures, links.

The other group that played that has a really big future is Cedric Burnside and
Lightnin' Malcolm from Holly Creek Mississippi. Just a Drummer and lead guitar
and they both sang, but they really tore the heck out of their instruments.

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