Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bloglink editing

I look at the links on my sidebar and I feel that same shame of undone labor
that you feel when you look outside and it's 96 degrees and the grass hasn't been
cut in 3 weeks. If you wait until it's cooler than you run the risk of cutting the
grass in the dark with all the risk of cutting off a sprinkler head or stepping on
a hidden snake (a big phobia of mine), so you drink a half quart of gatorade and
head out into the miasmic louisiana humidity.

It always seems easiest to weedeat first, just like when weedeaters first came
out and my dad bought one, it was possible to magically cut down all the weeds
that grew along the fenceline and around the shed without having to reach my hands
into any potential, you guessed it, snake hiding places. So I'll weedeat first by adding
some new links that I tend to read more nowadays. There's Bob the Onscreen scientist
that sometimes sounds like Bill Gates and other days sounds like St. Paul. The Hobo-
who is always funny and shocking.

The blogs that I read a lot but never linked to like ace of spades, confederate yankee
and blackfive, I need to link to because I keep losing my bookmarks and I want to
be able to have a link from whatever computer I'm on. Dr Sanity is always fantastic
mopping the floor with the cognitve dissonance of liberals.

For anyone in the oil industry, the oil drum is required reading, and for anyone who
suspects that global warming is a crock, climate audit has the data.

The comics Achewood and XKCD are both hilarious at times and other times strange, instead of the normal gausian funniness of Dilbert, those two comics have a definite skew. My favorite xkcd is this one, I thought that I invented that.

I went to cut out a few links and there really isn't much to cut. If I were charged per
link I'd cut like a madman, but since they're free I left the memorial link to Acidman,
and the link to phil carter even though he's off blogging and working on Obama's campaign.
Lou Minatti just gave up blogging because he has issues, but I'm sure he'll be back and
hopefully keeping the link will send some google love that might help him out.
Big picture small office was a fantastic blog by a person at a consumer products corporation,
but now he's got a password on the blog after he retired, so I guess he's off the list.


Sharon said...

Thanks for keeping me on your list :)

Anonymous said...

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