Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanks for your support Washington Post

I was reading an article about John Edwards on the
Huffington post (I just read it for the naked pictures, really)
and I noticed a banner from google adds that says "violence
in Iraq kills 10 soldiers" read whole story
So I click over there to the story and it is a story from October 2006.
I think that says something pretty negative about the huffington post
that the wp would make a targeted ad that says what the people there
are expecting to see. It doesn't put the washington post in too good of
a light either.

It's as if the press is still celebrating the happy days of 2006
when they were winning elections and hundreds of soldiers per month
were getting shot. Like the old ad for a stock broker, where a guy
is in his living room watching cnbc show the dow hit 12000, then he
presses rewind, he wasjust watching a video of January 2000 CNBC
reliving happier days.

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