Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another historic day, like 43 other times

I made it home from the office in time to watch obama take the
oath and make his speech. I thought it was a good speech, I could support
every thing he says up to a point.

He did say we're a young country and I take issue with that. The USA has
the oldest continuous government in the world. [You might say, but what about
England? England's government in 1787 looked more like ours does now,
with a king and a bicameral congress. No king now.] The really amazing
thing is how the USA has passed power from president to president without
violence for 220 years.

An even more amazing thing is even with idiots squaking to arrest george
bush, he gave up power. That says a lot to me about the kind of person GWB
is, he's taken the insults and problems, and even with threats to his person
he became a private citizen again. When Julius Ceaser faced the same problem,
he marched on Rome.

Good Job Mr. Bush. Good luck Mr. President.

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