Monday, January 05, 2009

Cold reality and the Batman problem

Over at redstate there's a great post discussing the left's problems
as they take power:

As inauguration day moves closer, one detects an unusual air of anxiety among the chattering classes of the left. Even though the election is over and their man won it handily, they are hypersensitive to any criticism of him.

What gives? Could it be that they sense that their era of cheap grace is over? During the presidency of George W Bush, the nutroots and their spokespersons in the leftward precincts of the Democratic party enjoyed the freedom of being one of the most irresponsible oppositions in this nation’s history. In a time of war (9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq) and natural disaster (Katrina), they could blow every mistake way out of proportion and get their echo chamber in the MSM to trumpet it 24/7. They exuberantly attributed every misstep to some dark night of the soul of GWB- he’s a racist, hates black people, a tool of Dick Cheney and the neocon Zionist conspiracy, yada, yada, yada.

I agree totally, the shrill excoriation of the president will have to change to "that's a sensible
solution to the problem of terrorists captured on the battlefield". There's not an infinite range of solutions to most problems, it's either this, that or the third thing. doing 'that' isn't indicative of
an evil conspiracy to conquer the world, it was just a decision taken in a meeting. Doing nothing isn't an option when the press and the left will immediately jump on doing nothing as evil.

We watched "the dark knight" finally last night. i got it for christmas but I put off watching it for a couple of weeks so that it would get lost in the hubub of christmas. Batman has the problem that he's the good guy and can't just put a bullet in the bad guy, even when that would have saved his girlfriend's life. We have a similar problem with the terrorists, we can't live with them and if they are captives we can't kill them. What will Obama's solution finally be, the world wonders?

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