Thursday, January 08, 2009

iPhone blogging

I managed to post the title of this post from my iphone, but it
wouldn't let me type in the body portion of the post which means
I'm typing this from my laptop. dang.

The good news however is that my iphone is finally functioning
as a phone. I got it for christmas 2007 from my lovely wife but
since at&t's service in Colombia is spotty I didn't turn it on officially,
I had to jailbreak it. I didn't take it the last step and turn it on as
a cell phone in colombia because I was supposed to be a gringo on the
down-low, not a gringo with a $600 phone. I just used it sporadically
for wifi surfing and as and ipod.

Here in italy I'm just another poor american who gulps every time I
do the conversion from euros to dollars. I'z can has a nice phones.
I spent a couple of days upgrading it to 2.2, ibricking it, unbricking it
jailbraking it then activating it as a cell. It's pretty cool. It knows where
I am even though I have no gps. I downloaded a free ebook reader and
I've got about 2 months worth of reading material for free. It's so cool
even reading 'anne of green gables' looks cool.

With a single click I can track my stocks as they circle the drain. I'll know
in real-time when I'm officially poor again. Beat that great depression I!
The bread lines for this depression will be much more interesting, with people
twittering and texting. you might be shuffling and downtrodden, but the world
will know you are shuffling and downtrodden.

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