Monday, April 06, 2009

Earthquake in italy

There was a big earthquake down south in L'aquila just east
of Rome this morning. Yahoo news says more than 100 people
died and I'm afraid it will be more. That city is like Assisi where we
went 2 weeks ago, a medieval city made of large stone bricks. what
a frightening place to be in an earthquake. Since it hit at 3:30 am,
people never had a chance.

Strangely enough there was a tremor here at 10 pm. It was a short and
sharp temblor that started with a vibration that I thought was a truck passing,
then a sharp motion that was unmistakably an earthquake, I started to run
down the hallway but by the time I moved 10 steps it had stopped.
That was less unpleasant than the earthquakes in Bogota where we were
6 stories up, and the earthquake steadily built, but luckily stopped before it was

I wonder where we can live where there are no earthquakes, floods, hurricanes,
tsunamis or meteor strikes.

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