Thursday, April 09, 2009

Recursive history and the matrix

it was 10 years ago this month that "the matrix" came out, which was
a super fantastic movie whose premise scared the crap out of me, mostly
because I have enough recursive dreams that I don't need the floating
in a tank dreaming about a computer program story to get weirded out.

I started in the oilfield in '91 and got laid off the same year as the price of
oil ramped up then crashed due to the gulf war. When I was working and the
layoffs started, I had simultaneous nightmares about working offshore and
about being laid off, so when I did get laid off it was sort of a relief.
Then, after not getting a job for 3 months, I was having nightmares about not
finding a job, but was also having nightmares about being back offshore being
worried about being laid off. The obvious scenario was when I was rehired, and I was
offshore and I had nightmares about being jobless, but dreaming about being offshore, and I would just wake up and say "what the heck?".

Since then, whenever there is a downturn and layoffs start, I have circular nightmares
where I'm dreaming I'm unemployed dreaming that I'm offshore, or variations of
that theme until my subconscious looks like one of those infinitely reflecting bowling
alley mirrors.

Since layoffs are started my subconscious has already started cranking
out freaky dreams, but now the difference between 1991 and now is so drastic that
what was a nightmare about being unemployed has become a dream of lost youth,
sort of a "oh my god I dreamt I had worked offshore for 17 years and then I got laid
off" only to wake up and find that yes I'm 42 and not 24. Holy Heck!

Just give me the freaking blue pill already.

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