Saturday, April 18, 2009


My lovely wife bought me a kindle for my birthday and so far I like it.
I can see that if we were in the usa it would be super wow, free wireless
access to at least wikipedia if not more, automatic delivery of newspaper and
magazine subscriptions and downloading books you buy right away without a computer.

Here in europe it's still pretty good as a book reader. To get a book or magazine one
has to download it to a pc, then copy it to the kindle as if the kindle is a memory stick.
My only quibble with that setup, is that they used a non-standard mini-usb connector
on the Kindle. Why do that when I already carry a couple of miniusb cables, now I need

It's pretty cool as a book reader, it allows you to read books with one hand and only
takes a short while to get used to not reading on paper. The battery life is pretty fantastic,
it stays completely charged on standby, and judging by the depletion rate it has around
a 20 hour battery life (at least). My favorite thing about reading with the kindle is it
remembers where you left off in every book, no bookmarks needed, no folding pages over
on a corner (I hate when people do that), and it saves me that time of flipping a page or two
to find out where I left off.

I'm looking forward to going to the usa in the summer to try it out on the net too.

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