Thursday, July 16, 2009

Change in strategy

Neptunus Lex links to an article about a briefing where our old
"two war strategy" becomes a "one war strategy".

Chambliss asked Cartwright "what is the military requirement for the number of F–22s?" The senator got much more than he may have bargained for in the general's reply.

"The military requirement right now is associated with the strategy that we are laying out in the QDR," Cartwright said. "And it is a departure from the two major theater war construct that we have adhered to in the past and in which this aircraft grew up. I mean, it grew up in that construct of two major theater wars, and both of them being of a peer competitor quality..

Gee, I hope no evildoers around the world read tom clancy novels. If two countries
that want to do the USA harm own something as complex as a telephone, they could
coordinate their ne'er do well activities and the outcome won't be as pretty as it normally
is in Clancy's novels if we don't have enough planes to get the job done.

I'm just a student of history and a tom clancy fan. If there is some 3 star general that
disagrees with this plan, now is the time to speak up publicly. Don't wait until you're a
cnn commentator in 10 years and say "I was against that policy". For me, if we're going
to waste stimulus money borrowed from the chinese, at least spend that money on something
useful like a bright shiney new F-22 Wing or 2.

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