Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Working from home.

I dragged my eyes open this morning with no bipping or beeping alarm
going off on the night stand, I grabbed the silent cell phone to see why it wasn't
beeping or at least see what time it is...dead.

The digital clock across the room steadily blinked the wrong time,
so I struggled to fight against the glare coming through the
plastic shutters outside the window to see if I could tell by the slant of the light
what time it was. It's bright and painful to the bleary-eyed is all I could tell.

My cell phone worked it's way through about 6 splash screens, yes it's a palm,
yes, i'm with vodafone, finally a pin, which I manage to enter without fat fingering.
Holy Heck! It's 11am!

I managed to flip back almost to new orleans time after fighting jet lag for a week.
Well, at least there are no missed calls, so I must do the coverup. Like a watergate
operative I log on and zip out a couple of mails, and download 40. Krap! someone
had asked for something this morning, problems with the data I sent yesterday evening.
Luckily a further email says it was their mistake, wrong file.

I have succeeded in playing hooky, even if it was a mistake. mwa muhahaha muhahahahaha
muhahahahahhdhahahahhahahahahaha. cough. I better get a cup of tea, my throat is

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