Thursday, July 09, 2009

In Brackets

{One thing that bothers me about this multi-culti world is when people say things that
make my blood boil like "jews are in control of the united states" usually uttered by someone
that lives either in in arabia, iran or north africa. How do you contest such a statement?

Then the next statement is that Iraq was invaded so the USA could have oil. Uttered by someone in the oil industry that should know that oil is sold on the spot market in an auction that gives the highest price that day. Assuming the money from the iraqi oil is going to the iraqi government...what was the big benefit of invading iraq for oil, when we could have just taken the several hundred billion dollars spent there and buy oil? ...but then the answer is that of course
the iraqi oil money is going to the usa. The number that I was too drunk to grope for was that
the iraqi oil production is only 2 or 3 million barrels per day. Even if the USA stole all of that it would only be 3000000*60*365= 60 billion per year. (sounds right but i'm too drunk to tell).
Versus the Trillion or so we've spent taking Iraq.

Note to overlords, next time steal a country with more production. Please.

close brackets]

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